The rising and the fallen things

The sketches

On this page you will find some of the illustrations that already appear in the original Italian version of the novel and some sketches that were intended for the visual novel but were not used, either because it was decided to opt for a different style or simply because they did not seem suitable.


Character sketches

Do you remember the cover used on the home page? Well, this is the first sketch produced for that. Very “Blame!” style I would say!

Underground complex

This is an illustration of the underground complex produced in a realistic style. In the end, we decided not to use this style, except for the covers, as it seemed a bit too heavy for the entire visual novel. It is a great illustration, but it isn’t suitable for a 3D videogame. You never know though, we might find it useful in the future.


Recycled body camp

This is the first version of the body recycling camp. You can clearly see the hydroelectric power plant and the brambles. But who can spot what’s missing?

Other sketches

Some sketches about future locations.