Working underground


Here, I go by the name of DeepSpark, but my real name Gabriel. I am an IT engineer with a passion for writing and art. As a university student, I used to write poems between equations! I feel that no one should ever allow themselves to be defined by their profession (truly, it was never my dream to become an engineer!). Instead, we should all be prepared to explore remote and unknown fields, to broaden our experience and continue evolving, day after day.

What I do

I read, write, listen and travel. I try to be productive every day. I enjoy my downtime, but my imagination is always on the go! I pursue my dreams tenaciously, determined to make room for them among my daily commitments. My biggest fear is to reach old age burdened by a sense of regret for all the things I was never brave enough to do. For as long as I possibly can, I intend to go on evolving and creating.


The Factory of Souls was my first novel. I completed it in 2015, but it was published in 2017 (things never move fast in Italy) by bookabook editore, Italy’s leading crowdfunding publisher. To date I have completed a further two novels, which I hope will be published in 2018, as well as dozens of poems and short stories. I hope to go on writing in the future and that you will like the things I publish. I have so many ideas just waiting to be turned into stories!

Contact info

If you have any questions, suggestions or advice, or if you simply want to get in touch, write to me at


I do artwork for DeepSpark and I am doing the illustrations for the visual novel. Ever since I was a child I have had a passion for art as it allows me to give substance to pure imagination. I feel privileged to be able to use art not only in my dreams but also in my daily life.  It is exciting to express yourself through lines and colors; as with all art forms, it is all about the magic of creation. I hope to be able to share a little of this magic with you.